Radisson Red, Dubai

Posted on August 7th, 2020

Radisson Red is a funky new brand from Radisson; upscale hotels with an emphasis on modern design and technology. It offers a playful twist on the conventional, from amazing everyday essentials to Instagrammable statements. RED delivers a stand-out look and feeling, bringing a new concept of hospitality with versatile spaces and seamless technology.

We’ve worked with Radisson Hotels for many years, with Alex photographing images for their upscale properties in a variety of locations. Last year, Alex was appointed an approved photographer by the Radisson Hotels international marketing team in Brussels.

The team were delighted to receive the call to shoot the first Radisson Red hotel in the Middle East. Although well-versed in pre-opening shoots, Alex knew he had to capture the brand details that make Radisson Red distinctive in a saturated market. Luckily, the Head of Marketing from Radisson Red Glasgow, Colette Sullivan, was on hand to advise. Colette and Alex had worked together previously, ensuring a seamless process throughout and General Manager, Stuart Birkwood also checked in as the shoot progressed.

Shooting a property in pre-opening presents a number of challenges, but Alex used his experience and technical skills to execute each image perfectly, from maintaining colour correction to highlighting the energy of the Radisson Red brand.

Exterior, interior, swimming pool, gym, F&B and room images were all carefully edited, ensuring that the brand’s definitive guidelines were met while maintaining the quality of the image, without too much retouching.