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Burj Khalifa

Shot yesterday at the foot of Burj Khalifa – the worlds tallest building. We had been asked by one of the cities oldest law firms to shoot their birthday event.
Great to get the chance to be so close, you can’t capture it with any old lens though obviously, being so tall – I threw the 14-24mm on. “This 14-24mm is significantly sharper than any other fixed or zoom ultrawide from Canon or Nikon”, so Ken Rockwell says. Well, i do like the 14-24, it’s a great ultra wide, without being a horrible fisheye lens, but it’s not 100% sharp and it distorts a little. But it’s the only lens that can be used for certain requirements – inside cars / tallest building in the world etc etc This shot did take 8 seconds, so there may be some camera shake I was battling with.
Post production – I saw a little bit of noise in the sky, so removed that / I sharpened a tiny bit / pushed contrast, shadows and vibrance then exported from LR.

Nikkor 14-24mm. 100 ISO. F9. 8 seconds. Nikon D810.

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