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Camel for sale

Do you have a camel for sale, do you have a camel truck? If you do, then Al Ain camel souq is the place you want to be! Located in the garden city, close to Bawadi Mall. Short camels, tall camels, young camels, old camels, ugly camels, beautiful camels, camels from far off places, every type of camel you could wish for. It is just a pleasure to visit, you can also find goats for sale and to the edge of the souq – shops selling everything you need for your camel, including lovely bright coloured camel blankets.

Al Ain is located in the eastern region of Abu Dhabi Emirate just south of Dubai and east of Abu Dhabi, if you have not visited, you are in for a treat! Al Ain is home to the most beautiful Osases, the Al Ain National Museum, old architecture like Al Jahili Fort, now restored to its former glory and some great low rise traditional old houses, plus Al Ain wildlife park and if you have a motorbike – Jebel Hafeet, an absolute joy to drive up and down. This time of the year, the date palm trees are straining with the weight of the huge dates waiting to ripen in the next month or so, ready for picking. If you live in one of the bigger cities like Abu Dhabi or Dubai, Al Ain is like a breath of fresh air. Have you been?

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