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Date harvesting season

This is F5 at 1/200. Some of you may know that presently the date palm trees are straining under the weight of the juicy dates ready to drop. Dates are one of the staples of the Bedouin… many years ago, dates and fish and the odd locust if they were lucky along with some tasty camels milk was all that was on the menu, now of course we see chocolate dates and all sorts of wonderful mixes. This image is a photograph of a date farmer in Al Ain, climbing the tree in the same way it has been climbed for centuries. If you have never ventured out of Dubai treat yourself to a weekend in Al Ain sometime soon, Al Ain is the most beautiful place with oases that make you feel like you lived hundreds of years ago, where you cannot hear a car or a road or anything at all, but if you are lucky what you might find is a date farmer like I did on this day.

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