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Jumeirah Beach Residence

On the DXO website, the Nikon D4S gets an overall score of 89. The Sony Alpha A99 gets 89. The Canon 5D mark III gets 81, the EOS 6D gets 82. The Leica S2-P ($30,000) gets 76. The Phase one P65+ medium format ($40,000) gets 89. DxOMark is the trusted industry standard for camera and lens, independent image quality measurements and ratings.

The Nikon D800 received an overall score of 95, the D800 E (our present main workhorse camera) got a 96…

The new Nikon D810 gets a 97.

Ken Rockwell says a lot of good stuff about it, i like his quote here “The D810 is the world’s highest technical performance DSLR ever. The only way to get higher technical quality is to pay as much as a new Mercedes for a clumsy medium-format camera, and even then it’s not clear that it would be any better — and the D810 is far smaller, lighter, faster and quieter. You can shoot anything, anywhere on the D810, while if I gave you a $50,000 medium format system for free you still wouldn’t want to lug it around or deal with its slow speeds and balky prima-donna handling.”

This shot was hand held, shot a couple of days ago 50 floors up on the Double Tree by Hilton Hotel, with the new camera, I made some minimal corrections in Lightroom, I was up there doing a different shot for Hilton group. It’s a little hazy, but the detail and clarity is pretty dam good! The only disadvantage is the Nikon SDK that Adobe uses to prepare tethering support is not out yet, so we won’t be using this camera too much yet, but hopefully it will come soon, there’s a new ACR and LR update from Adobe Labs, enabling Lightrooom to read the 810 files at least.

Nikkor 24-70. 100 ISO. F9. 1/400. Nikon D810.

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