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Jumeirah Mosque in Ramadan

Are you enjoying the holy month?!

I have friends that have prepared gift packs for some of the citys Labourers (Google it if you want to get involved, there are a number of charities helping), I have so far attended a couple of very enjoyable iftars. Have hand picked ripe dates at Al Ain Oasis.

AND, there’s already only 10 days left, it has flown by too fast! Sadly, i’ll miss Eid, I’m taking some vacation in India for a few days (very much looking forward to it!). Let me know if you have any enjoyable Ramadan stories.

Here is an image I shot of Jumeirah Mosque at the request of the Sheikh Mohamed Centre for Cultural Understanding, outside of Ramadan the mosque looks great, during Ramadan, with all the pretty lights – beautiful!! Go and see at sunset, if you get chance.


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