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Jumeirah Mosque at Ramadan

If there’s one thing you should do before the holy month ends, it is visit Jumeirah Mosque at sunset. It is draped in pretty fairy lights and it is the only chance you get to see it this way all year. Jumeirah Mosque, is one of the cities most beautiful mosques, it sits on the Beach rd, and is open to non-muslims (one of only two in Dubai). You can take a tour at the weekend, the tours are great to do, especially if you have visitors that want to take a look or have questions regarding Islam, or just simply want a nosy around a beautiful mosque, they are run by the Sheikh Mohamed Centre for Cultural Understanding, you will have heard me talk before about the lovely people at SMCCU.

The month of Ramadan, if you haven’t left the country (most people take holiday during this month), in Dubai is such a lovely period. The pace of life slows to a gentle plod for the month, people work shorter hours, muslims fast and give thanks, the hotels have lavish iftar setups – we photographed some beautiful Arabic food for the Alantis Hotel, Palm Jumeirah, then as soon as Ramadan ends, (which always seems to go too quick) it is back to business as usual and many people return from their holidays and the business in Dubai steps back up a gear into the normal speed of things.

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