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Labour Camp – Al Quoz

You may have heard about the labour camps in Dubai? Some have been written about not so positively, at other times, they get positive news. However, they are here to stay and the men, mostly from the Indian subcontinent and surrounding areas, are transported from labour camp to building site every day and back again, they are a familiar site, we all see them, some look away, not able to stare the men in the face, the rest of us join charity fund raisers and collect presents and food and phone cards and teach english lessons, and help to organise singing competitions in the camps. This is a photograph from one of the camps, from some years ago, taken in Al Quoz, the blue uniforms are a familiar sight, the men enjoy their one days holiday on Friday and spend it playing cricket, or cooking, or washing their uniforms and hanging them out to dry, or taking a haircut for 5dhs, at the local barbers.

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