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Mosque Visitors Only

I shot this as I was driving away from the Desert Saloon last week, where i get my hair cut in Satwa. We’re touching 45-50 degrees right now and if you’re out in the mid-day heat it’s a killer. I think Satwa is probably my favourite place in the city, you can get anything you need, anything at all (I had a Chevrolet Lumina new radiator sourced and fitted on a Thursday evening once), my tailor, my hairdresser, fave pub / fave place to get a good curry are all in Satwa.

It was nearly bulldozed just before the economic crisis to make way for new developments, they started and stopped – in the same way they were about to bulldoze Bastakiya many years ago, but then stopped. It’s one of a small number of the ‘old’ Dubai that is just a pleasure to see and walk around.

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