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National Day

I was unsure what to title this post… National day or Satwa, or proud to be Emirati… It is taken in Satwa, originally, its residents were mainly of the Bloushi tribe. Notable features include the Iranian Hospital and the Al Satwa bus terminal. Al Satwa is known for its large South Asian community and now Philippino community, it really is like living in Manila here, I love Satwa and have lived here for a year or more. Satwa is always open, always alive, get your car fixed, get its windows tinted, buy haberdashery, get your shirts tailored, buy fresh bread, visit the Post Office, I could go on and on, you’ve probably heard me rave before :-)

It is one of Dubai’s oldest communities, they are starting to nock it down in places, but I really think they should preserve it, just as they have began to cherish the old Deira district of town and now this is classed I think as a heritage district. Where else in a city where you see chrome plated cars, the finest 5 star hotels in the world, the tallest building in the world would you see such a sight other than Satwa. There are a lot of single story houses still standing like this, I think this one may have been painted in celebration of National day, it comes once a year on December 2nd, Dubai and all the Emirates celebrate the Union of the Emirates that happened in 1971 after the British pulled out (due to lack of funds they said) it’s always a super day in Dubai and all the other Emirates and in the run up to it, flags are made, cars are decorated, walls are painted, faces are painted… Last year we actually watched an outdoor movie screening of old footage and made some new Emirati friends in the process, looking forward to the next one!

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