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Room To Rent

If you are looking for a room to rent and have no internet access where do you go?

In some of the more run down areas of Dubai you’ll find walls like this, filled with notes for rooms to rent or Arabic lessons offered etc This image I shot in Satwa at the old Post Office which has been closed for a long time now and is boarded up, I remember going inside many years ago, unsure why it closed, because nothing has been built in its place. It is not the place where you find an apartment in Dubai Marina to rent though, these are mostly ads for rents lower down the scale, including room sharing, or ‘bed space’ – as it is written on the ads, some go even further to specify which nationalities need apply – such as ‘Keralites‘ only, or ‘bachelors’ only, typical example would be – ‘neat and clean Indian bachelors (Muslim only’. Some are written in English, some are not, rents are as low as 400 Dhs a month

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