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Satwa, the greatest place in Dubai! Where else in Dubai, can you get a new radiator fitted in your car at 10pm on a Thursday evening, or buy freshly baked bread, or get your shirts tailored, or buy pretty fabrics and ribbons and buttons, or buy the finest tasting curry for 10dhs, or see so many differing nationalities like Philippino, or South East Asian, or Bloushi, Iranian, Pakistani and Emirati living and enjoying life side by side. Here you will see some of the oldest buildings in Dubai, on a Friday you’ll see the men that empty our bins, that drive our kids to school, that clean our streets, happily playing cricket together in the sand. You will see people running through the streets to get to the mosque, when you hear the call to prayer. But most of all, you will see the ‘real’ Dubai, not the concrete Dubai that was built in the last few years, or the Dubai you will see on Sky TV, or the walled communities of ‘copy and paste’ villa after villa on the edges of the city, here you will see a house wall where somebody has hung their kondoura, on a rusty nail and their socks in the neighbouring bush to dry in the sun!

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