Doors of Al Ain

Al Ain, the greenest of all the Emirates. A respite from the intense summer heat and the original and much-loved home of the beloved Sheikh Zayed, grandfather of the nation.

A unique photography project

Now this beautiful emirate is celebrated by Alex in a unique project: Doors of Al Ain. Chronicled over many years, Alex has captured the beguiling charm and rustic beauty of the emirate, as told through the great Arabic symbol: the door.

The book: Doors of Al Ain was published and is now available across the emirates. It was unveiled at the biggest literary event of the year – Emirates Airline Festival of Literature.

Doors of Al Ain is a beautiful photography book which explores the hidden gems and corners of the city, with enticing images showing glimpses of everyday life and at times, a glimpse of mystery.
British-born Alex Jeffries is a professional photographer who moved to the Emirates in 1996.  With over twenty years experience in the creative industries, he leverages his background of design and advertising to create stunning and impactful images for a range of global and regional brands.

Alex is greatly respected within the photographic and design communities and as he spent more and more time in Al Ain, in the previous years he fell in love with its calm and elegant beauty.

Doors of Al Ain is the result of the passion and fondness that he feels for the city.

5-9 March 2013… Alex was invited to join the rest of the authors and talk about his book at the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature, attended by Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed and a whole host of local and international literary stars. This is a huge event and a great privilege to be formally invited.

If you are interested to get single or multiple copies of the book, you can contact Alex here. It is also available on press here.

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