Huawei asked us to test their new P10+ phone

by Vicky Thakur / April 12th, 2017 / 0 comments

This week we were given the new Huawei (P10+) to play with in advance of the launch. And the camera is incredible.

A few specs first about the phone – It produces 4k Video, but has a compression algorithm that reduces file size. It has a 4 antennae internet connection, fastest in the market, it has a 30 minute super charge giving a full day of battery, it uses gorilla glass, enabling an 80% improvement in drop performance.

But the most important aspect – how does it shoot? Well, Huawei have partnered with Leica, one of the oldest most respected camera manufacturers in the world to create a great camera, including portrait enhancement, a hybrid zoom, a rear dual and a Leica front camera, white balance, shutter speed, ISO and F-stop can all be controlled with it’s Pro features.

We tested it in low light, in a moving vehicle, shooting portraits, shooting landscapes and much more, shooting with professional kit every day gave us the skills we needed to really push the camera and i can honestly say it’s the best thing i have seen, performing well under any stresses we handed to it! Read more here Some of the images i shot, above and below.





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