Our Process

We follow a strict professional and creative process proven successful by many global leading clients and brands we have worked with. Once you have contacted us, one of our team will communicate with you to evaluate your professional Photography requirements. We are able to help with questions regarding cost and availability of any of our services, from still images, as well as other services we offer. Read on to see how we work:

Being safe in 2020

To remain healthy and safe we will continue to minimise risk in every way we can on shoots. Kit sanitisation. Social distancing. Mask wearing. Hand washing. To minimise the number of people on shoots we shoot tethered and send images if needed for anyone to view remotely, instantly. We will work mindfully and safely on-site.

1. Confirm dates and requirements
Once we have together successfully clarified your requirements and quantified the time required to fulfil the brief, we can quote then look at the diary and plan an agreeable shoot date.

2. Payment, Purchase Order or Vendor setup
If we have not worked together before, we will require 50% in advance to begin, 100% payment when images are ready for delivery. Also a Local Purchase Order (LPO) and your VAT certificate.

3. Pre Shoot
We will be in touch to discuss a shoot recce (if required), timings and any necessary details required for the shoot day to be a success.

4. Shoot day
We will meet you, or your team at least 15 minutes early at the appointed meeting point / venue for the shoot. At the shoot, we will shoot tethered, this means we shoot from camera straight into the computer laptop, this has two very important functions, it is an opportunity for us to see the images more clearly we are capturing, more importantly, it gives you the chance to see the images and ensure we are capturing the images you need, if you are on-site.

5. After the shoot – Image retouch and preparation
At any one time we have a number of shoots in the pipeline waiting to be prepared and delivered.
We put the RAW files forward into edit and post production – the images will be retouched, colour corrected, cleaned and prepared. We’ll also prepare, if necessary any images needed for urgent press deadlines, straight after the shoot. Any urgent or PR requests – communicate them to us prior to the shoot.

6. Export and delivery, plus turnaround times
Once images are ready (for a one day shoot or less – delivery within eight working days. For a two day shoot, delivery within ten working days. With a 3 or more day shoot allow 15 working days. For a shoot of more than 3 days, allow 20 working days) we will liaise with you to clarify any special output requirements such as corporate meta data adding, keywording, image size, or file type. Images to be viewed online for example require different colour space and preparation, from images needed for print.
It is very important to communicate to us at this point if your images are to be used online… Search engine optimisation engineers, require correct file names.
Once complete, we upload and email to you, a download link to access your images, most commonly we deliver two kinds: 1. High resolution files for print use. 2. Low resolution or screen resolution files for screen and web use. At this point please remember the usage license you purchased. Images cannot be given to 3rd parties.

7. Invoicing and Archive
We will, at this point send a VAT invoice for payment. All images, raw and client delivered files, catalogue and any related data is backed up by us for 30 days, unless agreed otherwise.