We created this page to show some of the retouching work that goes into making some of the great images we deliver.

What will be done?

Clients often ask what retouching work we do, or how can we deliver an image in the way it is needed. Have a look below for some before and after images, we have produced for clients. Heavy retouching these days is not suitable, especially for hospitality, gone are the days of ultra retouched bed sheets and so on. Images should always try to be as real and honest as possible, bearing this ethic in mind, a little high end retouching does sometimes take place, it includes – manual blending of multiple exposures, often to fix blown out window views, precise cloning (blemish, dust, dirt, object removal), some dodge and burn, colour correction, colour grading to ensure consistent colours over the image set, professional resharpening and colour temperature check.