Can you use Lightroom or Capture One, are great in Photoshop, good on the telephone, great with maps, good at planning, know how to spot noise, or chromatic aberration in an image at a glance, know the correct pixel size for instagram or, all of the above?

These are all great qualities we’re looking for.

What do we need?

1. Photography assistant
2. Mid level Photographer
3. Account Manager
4. Digital Technician
5. Videographer
6. Image Editor

Photography Assistant
Photo assisting provides an educational and exciting foundation upon which you can build a sustainable, successful photography career. As a photo assistant, you may often find yourself in a front-row seat on some of the most exciting shoots the industry has to offer.

It is a job that can take you from one end of the Emirates to the other, teach you more than you ever learned in the classroom and offer a behind-the-scenes look at how the industry runs. The only major prerequisite for a successful stint in assisting is the capability to check your ego at the door and work harder than everyone else around you. You must be sharp, impeccably organised, on time every time, alert, enthusiastic, you do not need to have huge amounts of photography experience. This role is both Photography Assistant and Digital Tech. You will be learning fast and working on great regional and global brands.

Mid Level Photographer
We are looking to speak to people that are perhaps wanting to jump into Photography as a career, or already have some good experience.

Account Manager
Great on the phone, know how to sell, very familiar with how business runs in the GCC, great role for the right person, no day will be the same.

Digital Technician
One reason why we are so successful, is our slick workflow. Professional photography today requires more than just a great shot, what’s important is a great hunger for digital skills, you must understand Adobe products, colour spaces, file size, as well as image editing and workflow.

More and more clients require videography every day, but we’re looking for people that can edit, that can mix time lapse with video, that can do aerial, that can colour correct, but most importantly will search and capture those creative shots.

Image Editor
Must have a great hunger to make images look great. Photoshop and Lightroom skills essential.

If you are interested in any of the roles, email us. In your email provide a CV, but more importantly explain why you are suitable for the role, tell us also, your age, where you are from, how long you’ve been in Dubai, visa and present working status.

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Alex Jeffries Photography Group is fully GDPR compliant. Read below to find out more.

Alex Jeffries Photography Group is fully GDPR compliant. Read below to find out more.