Sapphire – Senior Photographer

Whether she’s on a beach in fifty degree heat or in a studio with fifty kids running around, Sapphire keeps her cool and delivers amazing images for our clients day in and day out. Her ability to communicate almost telepathically with Alex means that Sapphire brings out the best in everything and everybody, from interiors, to babies to models to food.


Vishnu – Coder

Need to break into NASA, or just need perfect code? Sumeet is your man! Vishnu is happiest when developing or modifying code and designing new concepts and products. His technical brain merges perfectly with our creative – the result? Quick and efficient builds which power your brand.


Francisco – Brand ambassador

Argentina isn’t just famous for great steaks and polo players; it also produced Francisco, our brand creator. Francisco shares our passion for brands, understanding how the right corporate identity can encourage customers to do business with you. With over ten years’ experience creating brands across sectors such as retail, property, FMCG, travel and blue-chip, Francisco create big ideas that generate big sales.


Alex – CEO

Able to spot chromatic aberration from a mile away, always friendly, always willing, Alex is the star of the show.


Jatin – Search Engine Optimisation

Jatin knows things about SEO you’ve never dreamed of. He positively has the google spiders swooning with infatuation. He plans web search strategies and does amazing work making sure clients get to the top pages of search engines and driving traffic to their sites. He’ll get you up the Google rankings faster than a rat up a palm tree.


John – Printer

John brings over 20 years’ experience in the printing and graphic arts industry, having set up three successful printing plants. His detailed knowledge of the entire printing process is invaluable, allowing him to create solutions and modifications to briefs to ensure no time or budget is wasted.


Abdul Aziz – Driver

Able to navigate Sheikh Zayed Road with his eyes closed and never breaks a sweat. Never misses a deadline, knows every street in Dubai, we couldn’t survive without him.


Abdul – Calligrapher

Abdul is our award winning master calligrapher, able to design in seven styles from square Kufic to Thuluth. He works with us to create beautiful bespoke art which is always a talking point in homes and offices across the region. His corporate work can range from logos to signage to marketing collateral, where Abdul blends his traditional experience and Islamic art to create a truly unique calligraphic style.


Abed – Graphic Designer

Abed’s passion for all things creative started with cartoons. Whether working with InDesign, Photoshop or Illustrator, Abed brings his amazing design skills to produce a range of Arabic visuals. His previous work for global brands such as Emirates and HSBC means that he’s the perfect brand custodian.


Matthew – Canvas Art

Able to print, mount and fill the most prominent art galleries and top notch interior design companies in the region, Matthew and his team enable us to provide the best quality and the best prices in Dubai for canvas and photographic printing and framing.

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Alex Jeffries Photography Group is fully GDPR compliant. Read below to find out more.

Alex Jeffries Photography Group is fully GDPR compliant. Read below to find out more.