An image from some shots I took on the 21st April 2010, I have actually blogged before here. I love these images – mainly because it was not a planned shoot, I think I was just taking a drive, I try to have a camera in the car all the time, the guys were working late into the night. Also, what I’m particularly enjoying right now is re-looking at old images and seeing what the technology today can do with them… Creative Cloud 2014 was released a few days ago, which means a new Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and a new Adobe Photoshop it never ceases to amaze me the support and investment Adobe puts into their products. We knew about the new products a few weeks before it was announced, so it was no easy task, keeping quiet until the launch.
Processing – I’ve reduced noise, sharpened a little, done some localised light painting and fixed colours.

ISO 200 24-70mm F2.8 1/200 sec

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