Alex Jeffries Photography Group can look after any moving image needs you may have. We use the latest hardware, technology and software to create memorable images which will leave a lasting impression.

Whether you need a product video for your company website or a new car launch event recorded, we’re confident that you’ll be pleased with the result.

We utilise both standard video cameras and the latest ‘full frame’ DSLR Cameras from Nikon and Canon using Nikkor, Canon and Carl Zeiss standard and CP2 Cinema lenses.

For video editing/compositing and colouring we use the superb DaVinci software as well as Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro with After Effects, for 3D design – 3DS max and Cinema 4D and for audio production – Protools.

Frame rates, Interlacing, aspect ratio, pixel aspect… They all have an impact on how the finished product is going to look to you. We have the knowledge and experience to choose the proper format, codec, size and shape so that your project looks the way you want it to look, on the screen you want it to be viewed on.

What sets us apart from others is our ease and ability to work with global leading brands as well as regional entrepeneurs, Philips, Hilton Group and Waldorf Astoria, and global leading PR firm Ketchum-RAAD.

Other past video clients have included Kraft, Johnson and Johnson, Virgin Radio, Barclays Bank, Aggreko, Rogen SI and many many more. These are clients that demand and expect the highest standards.

When it comes to Product shoots – multiple channels and new technologies have heightened consumer expectations of the best possible shopping experience online, on tablets and on mobile. Shoppers now want to “kick the tyres” before they make a decision. They want to turn a product around, explore its functionality, see it being used, get closer.

By producing concise, emotive and informative videos of key products, we can give you the power to provide customers with the shopping experience they demand. By answering questions, demonstrating functionality and inspiring lifestyle choices – product video creates a dynamic showcase of the product. There is no question that well produced product videos give online retailers the edge over the competition. If you’re looking for a product video, event coverage, corporate video, or CEO interview, you can put your faith in us that the job will be handled in a timely, professional and creative manner.