Why choose us?

We understand it can be difficult sometimes choosing a Photography provider for your company or brand, there are a lot of Photographers available, some of them doing a great job. There are, however, certain criteria that needs to be ‘ticked off’ your list of things to check, when choosing a Photography company to help with your requirements.

Why choose Alex Jeffries Photography Group, when there are other good providers in the market? What makes us stand out, what makes us special?

They are good questions, I will attempt to answer them here for you. Before I do – have a read of the following great statement we found:
A real quote from an experienced Photo Editor working for a UN Agency:
I am a photo editor for a United Nations Agency, I have been doing my job for over 20 years.

How do I choose a Photographer?
Well, a bit like a chef chooses ingredients. I look at the work they send me, I look at recommendations that my colleagues make, I look at their presence online, I take into consideration the difficulty of the job, I look at the range of work the photographer has done for clients and finally I go on instinct.

It takes me exactly 20 seconds to see through a ‘photographer’s’ website and know if it is all fluff, if they are really an amateur who woke up one day and decided ‘hey, I am a photographer’ and so post their ‘exotic location’ vacation photos or semi-pro’s who don’t have the sense to select their best work. The bottom line? They have to have talent (and a good photo editor can pick that up), they have to have years on the job (I can’t waste time and money on someone who is not going to deliver) and they have to have had some solid training (not a week, not a ‘oh but I get it, moment’).

And then yes, they have to want to work with me. If they are too complicated, too tech impaired, too precious, too expensive etc, I don’t want to work with them.

Well, there you have it, good advice from a Photo Editor that regularly commissions photographers.

This is where we try to differ from other providers:

BIPP Qualified Commercial Photographer
Alex is BIPP qualified. One of only 2 photographers in the United Arab Emirates, that is. The BIPP (British Institute of Professional Photography) is an internationally recognised organisation. Its qualifications are a world recognised benchmark of excellence. Members must be qualified professionals, and agree to be bound by the BIPP’s code of conduct. BIPP President, Roy Meiklejon FBIPP, stated “BIPP qualifications are among the most rigorous in the world. Qualification with the BIPP requires hard work, determination, commitment and lots of creativity”.

1. We create high quality images.
‘Don’t all photographers create high quality images?’ I hear you say…

Well… No. Most photographers create images that are not bad, but not high quality. Let me try to explain…

A photograph must posess certain criteria, that qualifies it to be a high quality image, including: It must be focused correctly, it must be clean from dust and dirt, it must not have any faults that the camera or photographer may have added whilst shooting such as chromatic aberration or lens distortion or camera shake, upon delivery it must be the correct resolution and file type, it should have a perfect tonal range, be colour correct and be perfectly retouched if necessary.

Alex Jeffries Photography Group are a Getty images and istockphoto contributor. Getty sets quality benchmarks for professional Photographers all across the globe and both Getty and istockphoto have the very highest industry standards. Most photographers fail to qualify.

2. We have a great website.
We understand that people are busy, we know that clients don’t always want to read mission statements, they don’t have time to waste waiting for websites to download and they certainly don’t want to be confused by the photography process. During the current economic climate, small businesses need to be able to communicate their brand values and unique selling points successfully and clearly and an engaging and easy-to-use website is key to this. This is why we have invested and taken the time to create a clean, simple easy to use website. It is an easily navigable, easy to read and easy to view site.

3. We communicate clearly with you.
We like to adopt a clear and transparent communication process. Photography and the pricing for the service should not be a complicated business. We are honest and clear with our communications, quotes and invoicing.

4. Behind the scenes.
Just as, when you enter an operating theatre, you expect certain criteria to be in place beforehand, sterilised equipment, doctors that have scrubbed etc. Similarly, we too ensure certain essentials are in place in order for the end result image to be right, such as working in a colour managed workflow, at AJPG our files go through a colour managed process from correctly calibrated monitors to using correct image colour spaces for the files – we adhere to the photographic standards in line with the Universal Photographic Digital Imaging Guidelines coalition, we can also add personalised Metadata to each job, specific to the necessary client details at hand, adding information and data to every file we shoot.

5. We understand and know well the local market.
We have worked in the GCC for some time. We understand what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in terms of cultural sensitivity. If you need to rent a villa, find models or shoot in an area that requires strict permissions, we know how to do this.

6. We are a Photography company that offers a full turn-key process.
We differ from other Photographers in the region… By offering a complete 360˚ process. A full production house providing turn-key solutions. If you are flying in to the country to shoot for example, we can help with everything from location scouting to model selection and hotel bookings.

7. We are clear and transparent about the brands we have worked with and the work we do.
On our website you will find a great Portfolio page, showing examples of our work in different sectors. You will also find a great page listing clients we have worked with and finally – a testimonials page showing testimonials from global leading brands we have worked with, like this:

From one of our recent clients:
Since we started working with Alex for food and restaurant shots, the quality of our image bank has definitely improved.

Alex and his team are a delight to work with. Skillful, hardworking and professional, always offering solutions rather than obstacles. You can give direction, leave them to do the execution and you will not be disappointed.
Oystein Dahle, Marketing Manager, Food and beverages, Atlantis hotel, Dubai

8. We can help with strategy.
With so many digital channels and demands for images that heavily ‘breathe brand’ these days it is important to consider first, requirements for the end use of the images as well as what the requirements may be for the full year ahead, this may also help to add clarity on type / size / style of images too. We also now know, that there is a higher demand for more honesty in images these days, less ‘staged’ images and less highly retouched imagery, being in the Getty images family Alex is well versed on global digital content requirements and trends.

9. We can help with understanding clearly your digital content requirements relating to online
To get the best from your photo shoot and maximise your ROI once the images are used within your marketing campaigns, in social media and on your website, we can consider carefully keywords for your brand, that are used within your SEO strategy to help your search rankings and engagement. We can then ensure we have a shot to match each of these keywords to help your rankings and to ensure the photography is in synch with your digital strategy, which equally will align with your marketing plans.

We know that it can be difficult choosing the perfect Photographer.

We hope that some of the notes we have written here may help you to make that decision easier and quicker, have a great day!

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Alex Jeffries Photography Group is fully GDPR compliant. Read below to find out more.

Alex Jeffries Photography Group is fully GDPR compliant. Read below to find out more.